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Posted by Women of St. James on September 2, 2007

The Women of St. James (WOSJ) Ministry depend on the offerings from the family of Saint James Church.  This month (September) we are starting an “Adopt a Plate” program which means you have an opportunity of sponsoring one or more of the “guest” at each dinner/meeting.  We usually have 10 or more guests and their meal is complimentary.  These guests can include the speaker for the evening and their guest, the servers (to say thank you for helping), and includes the youth helping serve the tables.  The youth earn service points from Jesus University when they participate in serving in WOSJ.  Guests are also people that are involved in the entertainment for the evening, as well as any new persons visiting WOSJ for the first time.

The cost for the “Adopt A Plate” is $7.50 and this cost usually comes out of the offerings that are given that evening.  Most  of the time it does not cover the costs involved.  So, we are asking that you will consider getting involved by “Adopting a Plate” for these guests.  There is no limit to how many plates you may may adopt. 

WOSJ is a self-supporting ministry within the St. James UMC relying totally on the offerings to this ministry.  We truly are blessed by your giving.  Even though you will not be awarded anything but a “thank-you” from the WOSJ, we know that our heavenly Father will see your  generous giving heart and will bless you.

You may contact us at:  wosj07@yaoo.com



2 Responses to “ADOPT A PLATE”

  1. I’ve just given you an award. Visit my EmptyNestMom Blog to see what it is.

  2. Gee Cindy, if I knew how to give you an award I would! Thanks so much, I appreciate the kind words and encouragement. love you bunches, sherian

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