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Posted by Women of St. James on September 8, 2007

September is fast slipping by us! (at least for me)  I wanted to remind us all of the WOSJ September meeting on the 18th.  We are so blessed to have Karen Jensen as our guest speaker.  Check out her website www.karenjensen.org  and I am sure you will be as excited as we are and will want to come hear her. 

Chris will be catering this month’s meal and we don’t want to miss that, however if you must miss the meal,  please come at 7:15 to hear our wonderful speaker.  We will meet at 6:30 pm at the far west end of our current sanctuary/fellowship hall/dining room/living room area.  Tickets for the meal will be available before, between and after services on Sunday.  Childcare is available but please reserve early so that we will be sure to have enough childcare helpers.

Another neat happening at St. James UMC  (despite the fire and disruptions it has caused) is the 24/7 Oklahoma Centennial Year of Unbroken Prayer that will be starting Sunday September 9th and running through Sunday September 16th.  On Sunday the 9th we will receive the torch from the Tulsa Harvest Church and keep it during the time of our prayer watch.  Then on Sunday September 16th we will hand the torch over to Heritage United Methodist Church as they beging their week of unbroken prayer.

Check out the website http://www.tulsaprayer.com.   There is still time for you (if you haven’t already) to sign up to pray or become a Captain.  What a priviledge to be able to pray for our city, city leaders and for our church. 

Be sure to Check out the Prayer Wall at the church and should you have a prayer request you can write it on a post-it note and stick it to the wall.  Someone during this week of prayer will be praying for that prayer request.  It can be anonymous request or you can sign your name. 

Reminder for Ministry Opportunity……..This month (September) we are starting an Adopt a Plate program which means you have an opportunity of sponsoring one or more of the “guest” at each dinner/meeting.

The cost for the “Adopt A Plate” is $7.50 and this cost usually comes out of the offerings that are given that evening.  Most  of the time it does not cover the costs involved.  So, we are asking that you will consider getting involved by “Adopting a Plate”.  There is no limit to how many plates you may may adopt. 

Spiritual Helps……..One of my favorite websites is a bible online resource that I use.  I received permission from them to link their site to ours and really hope that you will check it out.  It has bible reading as well as devotions.  The site is:  http://www.bible.org/

We can be contacted at wosj07@yahoo.com




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