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Sherian’s Enchiladas Sauce

Posted by Women of St. James on September 13, 2007

Sherian’s Enchiladas Sauce 

v   Put approximately 3 tablespoons Crisco (enough to cover the bottom of a large sauce skillet with the oil) (can use vegetable oil for a more healthy variation) into a large skillet on top of stove using medium heat.

v   Put in approximately 6 or 7 tablespoons all purpose flour.

v   Brown the flour in the oil stirring constantly until it turns a cream color. 

v   Have a pitcher of cold water (at least 2 quarts) close by. 

v   Add approximately 5 tablespoons chili powder (I only use Gebhart’s). 

v   Stirring quickly so as not to burn the chili powder. 

v   Mix into oil and then slowly add water.  I use almost the entire 2 quarts but you have to judge for yourself.  If the mixture is too thick add more water.

v   Add salt to taste, at least 1 teaspoon.

v   Add Garlic juice approximately 1 tablespoon. 

v   Add approximately 1 tablespoon cumin.  All the time continue stirring over medium heat.

v   Heat until mixture is bubbly stirring all the time to keep it from lumping up.  


v   Place tortillas QUICKLY in and out of a seperate pan of hot oil. 

v   Plaace tortilla into the sauce and then place tortilla onto a pie plate that can be placed into oven. Sprinkle grated cheese (I use American or sometimes mix American and cheddar) on top of tortilla that has een dipped into the sauce.

v   Add chopped onion if desired. 

v   Continue layering tortillas that have been dipped into the sauce, the cheese and  onion for as many enchiladas as you will eat… topping the last tortilla with cheese.

v   Heat in oven at 450 for 5 minutes or until the sauce begins to bubble around the sides. 

v   Save any extra sauce to freeze for a starter next time.  This sauce can be made ahead and frozen.  It seems to get better the longer it ages.

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