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Posted by Women of St. James on January 26, 2008

What a blessing!   Two meetings in one month.  We had a great time on the January 8th with Marie Rawlings as our speaker.  Now on the 29th we have a double blessing to have Duane and Sue Kershner speaking to us about Roca Blanca.  

 To read more about this exciting mission that St. James is very active in go to their website  http://www.rocablanca.org/.    AND come to our WOSJ meeting on Tuesday January 29th, to hear Duane and Sue go into depth of what God is doing in the lives of the Mixteco, Chatino, and Zapateco people!. 

The dinner meeting will be in the dining hall starting at 6:30 pm, and of course Chris is catering.  The menu is Tortilla soup, mexican salad of a sort, chips, dessert, with a Mexican theme throughout.

This is an excerpt from their website….”Located in the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico, Roca Blanca is a multifaceted mission base where God is at work daily. With 155 different language groups, and 40 “unreached” people groups, Oaxaca offers you the unique opportunity to minister in the area with the highest concentration of “unreached” people groups in the Western hemisphere.    Along with being a base established to reach out to the people of Oaxaca, Roca Blanca also contains a bible school, a music school, a trade school, a medical clinic, a high school, and a prayer house. People from all over the U.S. and Mexico have come to serve the Lord in this Pacific Coast paradise.”

Tickets will be available in  the Nartex on Sunday morning.  Be sure to reserve your space for dinner.  If you are unable to come for dinner you can arrive around 7:15  for the speaker’s presentation. 


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